Francesca Fabbri


I chose to study Osteopathy because it deals with people, as body, mind and soul, not just with a part of them. Working as a physiotherapist (my career started in 1998) I dealt only with the symptoms and the pains of one specific area, discarding the rest of the body. A few years later, when I realized that, I changed my mind and began studying osteopathy. I graduated in 2010 at Collegio Italiano di Osteopatia (Italian College of Osteopathy).

Now I work globally, so I am able to take care of all the districts in difficulty, especially those not yet showing symptoms, but already in trouble.  Isn’t this prevention?

Osteopathy allows to treat a lot of different diseases impossibile to handle with my previous muscolo-skeletal approach of physiotherapist. Let’s start with colics and regurgitation in new-born babies to continue with seasonal allergies and otitis media in children. Hedaches, migraine, difficulty sleeping in adults. Pregnancy concerns as well as jatal hernia, IBS, constipation, asthma, liver overload, painful periods and so on.

On the other hand, my experience in physiotheraphy is helpful in case of neck/back pain, sciatic pain, shoulder and all theorthopaedic issues my patients are suffering from.

Osteopathy also taught me how to boost or disperse patient’s energy: the craniosacral system is the way to assess and rebalance it. Sometimes I think I am touching the patient’s soul and it is a honour being their therapist.

I appreciate my previous experience as a physiotherapist. I am both the professionals and always have a double point of view while assessing and treating my patients. It would be impossibile divide the two of them.

In my life I had the chance of practicing what I studied for, what I loved (and love) the most and I am committed in being always updated in my knowledge. I would be really happy to be your osteopathic practitioner, until I get the Canadian license to work as well as a physiotherapist.

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