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September 23rd 2016

Walk and Talk Therapy


Hands down, exercise and Mother Nature are powerful healing modalities. With dedication to finding practices that promote the well-being of my clients, I am consistently amazed by the therapeutic impact of walk-and-talk sessions.

It seems pretty obvious: combining therapy, physical activity, and nature should lead to more holistic, robust results. Not to mention, clients’ goals often involve increasing health-related habits such…

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September 20th 2016

Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counsellor? Who Does What?!


Navigating services and roles within the mental health field can be an exhausting challenge!

Upon completing graduate school, I was awarded with my Masters in Counselling Psychology (MCP) Degree. Whenever I told friends or family about finishing school, the most common response would be: “Congrats!… So wait… are you a psychologist or a counsellor? And what’s the difference between the two,…

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September 20th 2016

Your Powerful Narrative


Words are powerful. Regardless of whether the circumstances around us change, being conscious of the language we use to describe our personal experience can lead to monumental shifts in wellness.

The consequences of wording became important to me as I started exploring my own processes around anxiety. During this time, I would frequently say things like “I’m an anxious person” or…

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April 26th 2016

Theralase: How Our Non thermal Therapeutic Laser Works and It’s Benefits!

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser therapy is a safe, non invasive and pain free healing alternative to pain killers, acupuncture or surgery. A Cold Laser emits infrared light energy (known as photons) deep into damaged tissues and cells to encourage a faster healing response and a reduction in pain and inflammation. There is no risk of tissue damage or side effects with Cold Laser Therapy and it can…

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January 29th 2016

Osteopathy and High Blood Pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) affects millions of people worldwide. The current Western medical approach is to prescribe drugs after the disease has already manifested. Unfortunately, this approach does not support disease prevention. Maintaining a balanced blood pressure (not too low and not too high) is important because it is the force needed for your blood to reach the outlying areas of your body, such as your fingers, toes and…

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