Cupping has long been used as a supplementary therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. It involves the application of glass cups via heat and suction, placed on the back to promote energy circulation, aid in detoxification, and boost general immunity. Cupping can also be used to treat many forms of acute joint pain, muscle spasms, and internal disorders. Our skin is our largest organ, and it bears the heavy burden of detoxification. Cupping helps facilitate our skins natural ability to purge these unwanted toxins that can have negative effects on our overall holistic health. It is a very gentle and non-invasive form of treatment. There are no negative side effects from treatment, with the exception of harmless red circles left behind from the suction of the cups to the skin. The color of the suction marks left behind is actually an indication as to the level of detox that the body is capable of. Cupping is a safe and effective alternative for people who are sensitive to needles, or are unable to have acupuncture due to specific health issues.

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