Infrared SaunaIn the fight against cancer, detoxification and cellular health play a vital role. An infected or mutated cell is highly sensitive to heat. Healthy cells are able to withstand changes to core body temperature, however unhealthy ones cannot. For example, when one is suffering from the flu a fever often arises. This is the body’s natural response to burning off, or killing, infected cells. In terms of cancer prevention, Infrared Sauna Therapy may play an important role in the destruction of mutated cells. During a 30 minute session, infrared rays penetrate the body up to 2 inches deep, heating the core temperature creating a tolerable, low grade fever.   At this temperature, damaged cells disintegrate. The increase in temperature also impacts the blood vessels of sensitive cells. Cancerous cells possess extremely fragile blood vessels and when heated to high temperatures the vessels shrink and die, thereby cutting off the blood supply to the cancerous cell. When combined with a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise, beneficial nutrition such as organic fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water, Infrared Sauna Therapy treatments are an effective way to defend the body against cancer and harmful environmental toxins.

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