You may be hearing a lot of buzz around the term MTHFR defect or mutation.  What does this mean?

This is a genetic mutation that affects up to half the population!  The mutation prevents the body from making methyltetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) and thus lacking the ability to convert folic acid to its physiologically active form, methyltetrahydrofolate.  We most often hear about folic acid in prenatal care and the prevention of neural tube defects.  MTHFR plays a critical role in preventing other diseases as well.

Conditions associated with the MTHFR defect include; heart disease, depression, anxiety, birth defects, downs syndrome, IBS, fibromyalgia, miscarriage, ADHD and certain cancers.

We can test for this mutation in a simple blood test at our clinic, or a saliva test through 23 and me. Once we know the type of mutation – a course of treatment is determined.  Results depend on the individual response but it is imperative to treat the mutation in order to prevent the disease conditions from developing.   We have seen marked improvement in difficult cases once the mutation has been identified.  One simple test can be a powerful preventative tool for restoring your health!

Further details can be found at MTHFR Mutation.

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