Tired of being injured?  Chronic Joint Pain?  Keep reading!

Prolotherapy is the physician stimulated healing of tendons, ligaments and joints by means of injections.  These injections work by initiating the wound-healing  cascade by means of micro-trauma.  What that means is that the injections are causing small micro-injuries, much like what happens in muscle building.  The subsequent result is an influx of wound repairing cells and activity, stimulating collagen and connective tissues to repair themselves.  The injections can use a variety of substances ranging from dextrose to fish oil derivatives to platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) to stem cells.  The proliferant used depends in part on the location and tissue being treated to physician preference.

Conditions that may benefit from Prolotherapy:

-muscle tears and partial tears
-ligament injuries
-shoulder instability – dislocations/separations
-elbow overuse injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow
-chronic low back pain
-hip pain
-foot problems such as plantar fasciitis

Typically, the prolotherapy is required 3-6 times, although relief is often felt after the first treatment.  For athletes and those who are active but find themselves chronically injured or have a ‘bad shoulder’ that holds you back, you may want to consider prolotherapy.  Talk with Dr. Sara Kinnon in West Vancouver about whether or not the treatment is suitable for you.

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