Dr. Sara Kinnon

Naturopathic Doctor

Though interested in all facets of health and restoring one to optimum wellness, Dr. Kinnon has a special interest in women’s health issues, thyroid disorders, hormone balancing, digestive disorders, weight loss, detoxification, anxiety, depression, and environmental medicine including allergies and asthma. As a competitive athlete, Dr. Kinnon also has a passion for sports medicine and pain management.

Utilizing science-based treatments plans, she tailors her sessions to meet the individual needs of each patient. She believes in the power of preventative medicine and in the importance of uncovering the root cause of illness. Sara’s approach combines laboratory medicine, lifestyle modifications, nutritional analysis, and various other holistic methods to guide and empower her patients on their journey to optimal health. Sara is committed to providing evidence-based, effective health care; this commitment involves continuously updating her skills and knowledge in therapies such as: Chelation, Neural Therapy, Environmental Medicine and more.

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