Sareeta B.  Indar, M.Ed., RCC


Sareeta offers effective, solution-focussed counselling to women needing confidential support. Collaboratively, she will guide you into a gentle yet eye-opening journey to explore discontent and hardships experienced within your mind, body, and spirit.

Sareeta has been helping women navigate through major life events and transitions for over 20 years:  Educated at the University of British Columbia with both a B.A. (Double Major in Psychology & Family Science); and M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology), Sareeta is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#1842) in British Columbia; holds certifications in Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Trauma Informed Practice; and is a member of both: the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association and Registered Yoga Alliance. 

She passionately focusses on empowering women to deal with overwhelming emotions and confusing feelings relating to:

  • Motherhood
  • Perimenopause
  • Infertility
  • Trauma 
  • Health Issues including chronic pain, headaches/migraines
  • Anxiety, Stress, Burnout
  • Grief and Loss (including death)
  • Low Self-Esteem 
  • Feelings of Lacking a Life Purpose

Sareeta believes that we are all here to heal and evolve, as well as to experience joy. However, we are not meant to do this alone. Through genuinely connecting with clients in the counselling relationship, Sareeta feels honoured when a woman shares her sacred life stories with her. Drawing from these poignant moments, Sareeta constructively yet organically tailors sessions to suit the unique needs of her clients which can include:

  • Learning constructive communication styles 
  • Unravelling trauma leading to feelings of peace and calm
  • Proactively managing life transitions  
  • Increasing self-confidence through life planning

Women will leave the counselling process feeling understood, comforted and experience powerful life-changing shifts such as personal growth and positive transformations.

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